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Trigger Foods & Eating Healthy

Trigger Foods and Eating Healthy

Is there something you eat that you just can’t eat in moderation, no matter how hard you try?

For me, that would be bread and grains.

For you, it may be something else.

For my hubby, it’s Mountain Dew and Chips.

I’m not talking wonder bread either. I always prided myself on good health choices (Despite my waistline) because I loved whole grain bread.

I especially loved whole grain, homemade bread, from freshly ground organic wheat berries, with added flax seeds, and other healthy ingredients. I could eat a whole loaf. Easily.

Peanut Butter. Popcorn. Whole grain tortillas or wraps. Dark Chocolate. Homemade Hummus. Brown Rice.

I love them all.

In the words of a dietician, I once discussed my weight with, “You eat healthier than I do!”

A doctor once accused me of lying about what I ate, because I was doing all the right things.  I couldn’t be fat if I was doing all the right things, could I?

The answer is simply this: these foods are triggering for me.

For me, what this means is, in order to have better eating habits, I have to avoid eating foods I find triggering.

If I can’t put the breaks on whole grain tortillas, then I probably shouldn’t eat whole grain tortillas.

Think for a moment about what foods you can’t say no to.

Moderation is good but trying to eat a food that is a trigger for you in moderation is torture.

Eating anything in moderation is good. Trying to eat a food that is a trigger for you in moderation is torture. 

Personally, for me, it’s easier to practice abstinence from these foods than it is to try to regulate them.

I learned that the hard way when I regained nearly half of what I had lost.